Track User Activity with Ease

Look for these features in the latest release of our Web UI.

Who’s Really Using Your Egnyte Account?

Did you know that you can export a list of your users as a CSV? The resulting file displays important information like username, email, and role.

We’ve added a new column to the user export file which shows the date of the user’s last activity. This could mean the last time the user logged in to the Web UI or a mobile app, or the last time that the user uploaded or downloaded a file. It’s a quick way to tell if the user has used their Egnyte account recently.

You might use this information to delete users who are inactive so that you can re-assign their licenses to people who will use Egnyte more regularly. In this case, you would export a list of all your users, use Excel to filter out customers who have logged in since a certain date, and then type DELETE in the “special action column”. Saving and re-importing the CSV will delete the users automatically.

For more ideas about how to use the import / export function with its special action column, read on here.

Preview Faster

When you’re just browsing files, it’s a good idea to preview them instead of downloading. This is fast and limits bandwidth consumption.

We’ve made some big improvements to make this preview faster. We think you’ll notice the difference when you’re flipping through stacks of big files like full size photographs.

Know More About Your Groups

The groups page is where you go to see all of the groups you’ve configured in your account. This page now has a column showing you the group owner, which is useful information if you need to add someone to the group.

We also added a little icon to denote groups which are managed through Active Directory.

Things We Fixed

  • Clicking a folder icon in a shared folder link will now take you directly to that folder.
  • Photos taken from mobile devices will now display with the proper orientation.
  • If you’ve customized your account invitation emails with a message that has a high word count, we’ll left-align the text of the invite to improve readability.
  • It’s now possible to update a link expiration date from the “My Links” screen.
  • The initial login steps for new users have changed to allow users to cancel out of the flow and come back later.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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