Enhancements to My Links

Did you know that you can see a list of all the file links you have shared from Egnyte? The “My Links” feature is accessible from the “My Profile” option in the top right corner of your screen.

The My Links page now shows deleted links and links which have expired in the past 30 days, in addition to your active links. You can view different types of links with the “Link status” filter under “Links I’ve sent”.

If a link has expired, you can extend it’s lifespan by clicking on the “details” option next to the link.

Then you can edit the expiration date.

It’s easy to simply create another shared link, but you might want to extend a link’s expiration date if you have shared the link with a large number of recipients, included detailed instructions in the link comments, or posted it in places where it is difficult to change the link URL (like a third party website).

Group Provisioning API

The Group Provisioning API is now available to create new groups and manage the users within those groups. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Two-step Login Verification Improvements

Users who have adopted two-step login verification (TSLV) can now easily manage the mobile devices used to receive TSLV challenges. This comes in handy when replacing a smartphone: simply remove the old phone and add the new one.

Things We Fixed

  • The send link button on the preview menu now functions correctly when previewing in “full screen mode” on Safari.
  • A “role with this name already exists” error would sometimes pop up erroneously when creating or renaming a Power User role.



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Egnyte Community

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