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Desktop Sync 8.2 Has Arrived

Here’s What’s New in Desktop Sync 8.2! The following improvements are now available for Windows and Mac. 

Note that Desktop Sync for Windows is currently on 8.2.3; Desktop Sync for Mac is on 8.2.2. Both versions feature the key improvements described below.

The easiest way to get the app is to open the Apps page from the Web UI.

Then just scroll down to the Desktop Apps section. A link to download Desktop Sync is readily available there.

Simplified Setup Flow

It’s easier than ever to get up and running with Desktop Sync. Users can log in with their email addresses, so it’s not necessary for them to remember an additional set of account credentials.

After logging in, Desktop Sync will default to sync on a real-time basis (our most popular option) to take advantage of optimizations we’ve made to improve sync performance.

We’ve also set the “Sync Local Folders” setting by default. We did this to address expectations from users who would create new folders on their desktops and anticipate that they would sync automatically.

Things We Fixed

8.2.3 [Win only]

  • Desktop Sync now supports the use of push authentication on tablets (via Duo Mobile) for two-step login verification
8.2.2 [Mac only]
  • Some users reported that scheduled synchronizations were not starting on time; this has been addressed.
8.2.1 [Win only]
  • Fix for authentication issue when using SSO with Two-step login verification
  • Improved sync speed when uploading large number of small files (push_multifile)
  • 'Temporary Internet Files' folder will now be synced up and down. Filter removed.
  • Removed setup steps on last page of Windows installer.
  • Show error message reason from server when authentication fails. (i.e. account locked out). 
  • Improvement for skips due to 404 download.
  • Fix for email based login when user only has single domain.  
  • Fix for issue when user gets error on email-based login when there is no network connection. Previously was showing generic error. 


  • Files created by selecting “Save As” are now automatically synced to the Egnyte cloud.
  • After “deselecting” a folder (so that it will no longer sync), some users reported that the folder continued to sync.
  • Desktop Sync would not observe bandwidth restrictions, consuming more bandwidth during sync than intended.
  • Account Admins can decide if a Power Users can use Desktop Sync; Power Users who attempt to use Desktop Sync without Admin permission see an error message. In this release, we made this error message more descriptive.
  • Extraneous error messages that appeared in some users’ sync logs have been removed.
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