The following article highlights solutions to common issues that may occur after integrating Egnyte with your Google Apps domain. If you're having trouble uploading files to Egnyte or creating Google Docs, it may be due to one of the following common issues.  

Users are unable to create Google Docs or copy files from their Google Drive account

If you see the option to create Google Docs but attempts to create new Google docs fail or if you cannot copy any files from your Google Drive account using the Copy from Google Drive flow, it may be a result of one of the following scenarios:

  • The storage accounts used by Egnyte are suspended. Review the next section for information related to suspended storage accounts and how you can recover from this.
  • The Egnyte app is either no longer installed in Google Workspace or it is installed but not turned ON for everyone. See this guide for more details on how to turn on the Egnyte app for all users.
  • The Admin email address stored by Egnyte belongs to an account that no longer exists or is no longer a super admin. To fix this, simply navigate to the 'Google Apps domain' section in Egnyte's configuration and update the Google Apps administrator field with the email of a super admin in your Google Apps domain.

Storage accounts are suspended when using Google Apps Directory Sync

When using Google Apps Directory Sync, you may find that your Egnyte storage accounts are suspended. This occurs because Google Apps Directory Sync suspends non-admin users who are not part of your AD Sync group. This will prevent Egnyte from writing files to Google Drive and prevents users from creating Google Docs and uploading files in the Egnyte interface. To resolve this, you can either:

  • Add the storage accounts (see this article to see how you can identify the Egnyte storage accounts for your domain) to Active Directory.

  • Assign administrator privileges to the storage accounts on your Google Apps domain.

  • Create an exclusion rule in Google's Directory Sync configuration that prevents Egnyte storage accounts from being suspended. For example, if your Egnyte domain is, you can create an exclusion filter to prevent suspending accounts starting with eos-acme. All storage accounts will have emails with the following naming convention:

Once you have added the storage accounts to your Active Directory, assigned them admin privileges, or created an exclusion rule, restore the suspended storage accounts from your Google Apps Admin console.


Storage accounts are suspended when integrating Egnyte with a Google Apps domain that is in trial

If your Google Apps domain is in trial, you may find that your Egnyte storage accounts are immediately suspended when you integrate Egnyte with Google Drive. To check if this occurred, see if the storage accounts appear in the list of suspended users in your Google Apps admin console. The reason for the suspension will be described with the following message:

As part of the process of becoming more secure and fighting spammers, Google sometimes asks users at first sign-in to verify their identity.

If this is the case, you will need to restore the suspended storage accounts.

Note: As long as you are in a Google Apps trial, any storage accounts created by Egnyte will be in a suspended state.