The Advanced Security package arms you with an array of features, like audit reports and device control, that further enhance the enterprise-grade security that comes with all Egnyte accounts.

Audit Reports

Audit Reports are a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your account. They enable administrators to monitor account activity ranging from file system actions and login events to changes in folder permissions.

You can create five types of Audit Reports:

  • File Reports: Provides information about the actions performed by each user on the files and folders in your account. You can track activities like uploads, downloads, previews, deletions, and more.
  • Permission Reports: This report lets you see how folders on your Egnyte account have been shared over a given time period. Any changes made to folder permissions will be captured in a Permission Audit Report.
  • Login Reports: Through this report, you can monitor login information for all users in your account. All failed, and successful login attempts from the Web UI, mobile apps, and FTP are captured.
  • User Provisioning Reports: Analyze the history of user creation, updates, and deletions of users in your Egnyte account. You can see details like who created or deleted a user, as well as timestamps and action sources (e.g., Web UI vs. mobile) for each event.
  • Group Provisioning Reports: Monitor and analyze the creation, updates, and deletions of groups in your Egnyte account. You can see details like who created or deleted a group, as well as timestamps and action sources (e.g., Web UI vs. System) for each event.

  • Configuration Settings Audit Report: See changes of the Configuration Settings for the domain. For each setting change, an audit record specifies the previous and the new value of the setting, who did the change, and when it happened.  More details here.

Advanced Authentication

With Advanced Authentication, you can institute policies for your users' passwords, like how strong they must be, how frequently they must be changed, and more. You can also activate Two-Step Login Verification.

Device Control

The prevalence of mobile devices in the office necessitates special security measures. Device control allows admins to wipe data on lost devices remotely, mandate mobile storage security policies, control folder downloads on mobile devices, and require device certificates to access their account.


For more details on the features of the Advanced Security package, please visit our Egnyte pricing page