Gallery View for Folder Links

In this week’s release, we’re fine tuning the Web UI with a number of improvements. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Gallery View for Folder Links

Folder links are a brilliant way to give somebody one-time access to files contained in a folder. Now, your folder link recipient can flip through a sleek gallery view of images contained in the folder. If the image contains only images, this gallery view will appear by default.

Clicking an individual image allows your collaborator to preview or download the file.

Fresh New Emails

You might not think system-generated emails are something to get excited about, but we pay a lot of attention to these types of details. We’re revamping the most common emails with plain English explanations and stylistic changes (more emails will be updated in the coming weeks). The new emails also look great on phones and tablets. Whether you’re sending sending an upload link, inviting a new user, or receiving notifications about a shared folder, we think you’ll notice the difference!

An API for Notes

Did you know you can add a note to a file? Other users can view and comment on your note for easy, in-line collaboration.

We’ve created an API so that you can add notes to a file stored in Egnyte from another program. Interested? We want to hear from you.

Things We Fixed

  • A rare glitch allowed a second user to access a file after a first user opened the file via WebEdit. Now, the second user will see an error message informing them that the file is locked.
  • Safari users reported that the “view full screen” button on shared folder links would not work when clicked.
  • The Web UI took a long time to load when accessed from China.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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