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Look for the following new Web UI features as they roll out this weekend...

Folder Search

Your Egnyte account might contain tens of thousands of folders; finding a single one of those could be tough. That’s why we’ve added a folder search option to the web interface. Selecting “Folders” will return folders which match your search criteria.

If you forget to choose the “Folders” option, you can still filter search results to only display folders.

Default Link Type Settings

If you need to quickly share a file or folder with someone who may only need to access the files once, consider using a link. Egnyte has four different types of file and folder links:


Anybody who has the link can download the file or folder.

Public, password-protected

Anybody who has the link’s password can download the file or folder.


Any user in your Egnyte account can download the file or folder.

Private, recipient-only

Only users of your Egnyte account whom you specify can download the file or folder.

A new account-wide setting will allow administrators to specify a default link type for their users. Users can still switch to a different link type.

You can forbid the use of certain link types altogether with the checkboxes above the default option.

Default Folder Notifications

Folder notifications work like this. Let’s say you specify a notification interval of one hour.

12:11 PM - John uploads a file

12:32 PM - Jane deletes a subfolder

12:55 PM - Rebecca moves a file

At 1:00 PM, we would send you a note updating you about the three events. Some of our users like short intervals, so they can hear about changes within the hour in which they occur. Other users prefer to get a daily digest.

As an admin, it’s long been possible to set a single notification frequency (among other options) for your entire account. The admin configuration is the default frequency for users, but in this release users have an “override” option. Setting this option effectively makes your domain-level setting a default which users can change to suit their needs.

Things We Fixed

  • Some customers reported that their Plan Details page appeared scrambled.
  • A glitch where attempts to download a file larger than 1 GB from a shared folder link failed but did not display an error message.
  • Standard users were unable to change their passwords after being prompted to do so by their account’s password policy rule.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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