There are several flows you can follow that allow you to copy files between Egnyte and Google Drive. Note that the ability to copy files between Egnyte and Google Drive will only be available to users within your organization's Google Apps domain and copying folders is not possible in any of the flows described below.


Copy files from Google Drive to Egnyte 

Egnyte allows you to import files from your Google Drive. To do this, simply navigate to the folder to which you want to copy files, select the Upload option, and choose Copy from Google Drive. You will be asked to select files from your Google Drive account. After selecting OK, copies of the files will be created in Egnyte.


Copy files with the Egnyte App

If you select files in Google Drive, you can choose the Egnyte app in the Open With menu to copy files to Egnyte. Egnyte will open in a new tab and allow you to choose a folder to which you can copy the selected files. Users with read/write access to the destination folder in Egnyte will automatically receive the corresponding permissions to the copied files.


Copy files from Egnyte to Google Drive

You may copy any files from Egnyte to Google Drive except Google Docs. To do this, select any number of files and choose the Copy to Google Drive option.

Note: The Copy to Google Drive option will not be visible if at least one of the selected files is a Google Doc.

Other ways to import files

You may use any of Egnyte's desktop-based applications (eg. Desktop Sync or some of the Integrations) to copy files between Egnyte and Google Drive's desktop application.

Note: Copying Google docs to Egnyte is not possible in this manner. To copy Google Docs so they are owned and managed by administrators in Egnyte, refer to the Copy files from Google Drive to Egnyte and Copy Files using the Egnyte app sections above.