Link Tracking for All!

My Links Report

Keeping track of your shared links just got much easier.

Though administrators have long been able to view and remove an account’s shared links from the Link Summary Report, regular users have never had access to any real link tracking — until now.

With our new “My Links” report, all power users can now view, modify, and delete any active links that they themselves have created. You can find the My Links report in the personal profile section of your account.

Once there, you’ll see a list of all active shared links (file, folder, and upload) you've created; expired and deleted links are not stored or displayed here.

If you’re looking for a specific link, try filtering by link type and then sort your list by created date or # of visits.

You have a few options when you find the right link.

Hovering over a specific item in the list will show you its folder path; clicking on the item will take you to that part of your Egnyte account.

Choose “Delete” instead, and the link will be removed permanently.

If you select “Details”, you can see all the relevant information for that link — including who has access to it and when it expires.

From here, you can modify the link’s expiration date or copy/paste the link URL (into an email, for example) if you want to reuse it.

Shorter Link URLs

We’ve trimmed the fat off of our shared link URLs. In particular, you’ll notice that the URL for a folder link is considerably shorter.

This should make it easier for you to manage shared links and incorporate them into your everyday workflow (e.g. in an email, on your website, etc).

Upload Links for your Private Folder

If your account allows the use of upload links, users will now be able to create them in their private folders. Enjoy responsibly.

Known Issues with My Links Report

Keep these limitations in mind when using the My Links report:

  • Recipients for private links (account users only) sent through Egnyte are not displayed in the My Links report. However, recipient information will be captured for private recipient-only links.
  • Older links may not show an accurate # of visits; we only started tracking link visits recently.

Getting Better, One Bug at a Time

  • The folder tree in our UI was loading slowly for customers with many subfolders (10k+). This now takes only a few seconds with Google Chrome.
  • Users were unable to preview Windows Media (WMV) files from the folder link page.
  • Some users ran into performance issues when loading the trash with a large page size.
  • Choosing “Download Selected” for a single file from the folder link page was downloading a zip.
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