This legacy integration is not available for new customers. A new version of Egnyte for G Suite integration is available.

Egnyte for Google Apps automatically creates storage accounts on your Google Apps domain for distributing files. These storage accounts allow Egnyte to fully manage permissions for documents and automatically share Google Docs with users based on folder permissions. When you first install Egnyte, two storage accounts are created. The amount of initial storage available to Egnyte will depend on your Google Apps plan and can vary from 60 GB (30 GB per user on a standard Google Apps plan) to unlimited (unlimited storage per user on unlimited plans). If you are on a Google plan with unlimited storage, the first two accounts that are created by Egnyte will be enough to hold all your company data.


Increasing storage by increasing the size of storage accounts (recommended approach)

The size of each storage account can be increased from the Google Apps admin console by assigning storage licenses to storage accounts used by Egnyte. This is the recommended way to increase storage as it tends to be the most cost-effective way of increasing storage. It does not matter which storage account you assign storage licenses to as long as the total storage across all Egnyte storage accounts is enough to hold all content stored by Egnyte. Storage accounts are named after the Egnyte domain. For example, if your domain is, your storage accounts in Google will be called ‘Company File Server Administrator’ and have the Egnyte logo as their image.


Increasing storage by increasing the number of storage accounts

You may increase storage by increasing the number of storage accounts that Egnyte may automatically create. This approach is only recommended in Google Apps plans with a large number of user licenses available for use because the storage account cannot be deleted once it is created as this would result in loss of data. You can increase the maximum number of storage accounts that Egnyte can create from the ‘Google Apps domain’ section within Egnyte’s settings. Each additional storage account will come with the same amount of Google Drive storage that regular users in your Google Apps domain receive, however you can increase the maximum storage for specific accounts. Note that the approach of increasing storage space by increasing the size of each account is the recommended approach because it's not possible to consolidate content from multiple Google accounts once they are created.