Working with Google Docs in Egnyte

Egnyte allows Google Docs to co-exist with other documents. Google Docs offer the benefit of real-time collaboration where multiple editors can work on the same document, spreadsheet, presentation or image at the same time. You may copy Google Docs from your Google Drive account or create them directly within Egnyte.


Creating Google Docs in Egnyte

To create Google docs in Egnyte, simply navigate to any folder and select the preferred document type under the New drop down.


Copying Google Docs from your Google Drive account

Google docs can be copied from your Google Drive using the methods described here. Note that copying docs from Egnyte to Google Drive is not enabled for Google Docs.


Permissions and Sharing of Google Docs

Google Docs are automatically shared with other Google users in your organization based on folder permissions in Egnyte. For example, if you create a Google Doc in a folder that is shared with the Marketing group, Egnyte will automatically share that doc with all users in the Marketing group. Users don’t need to manage ownership or permissions of Google Docs as they are completely owned by Egnyte.



Enable Ad-Hoc Sharing of Google Docs

Account administrators can allow Editors to change permissions to individual Google Docs from the ‘Share’ menu in the Google Doc itself. This is done by enabling the ‘Editors can share Google Docs’ option in the ‘Google Apps Domain’ tab (found in your account’s configuration settings). Note — Egnyte will still leverage folder permissions to share Google Docs by default; however, Editors can now modify the access permissions directly within the Google Doc.



Enabling this option allows users who have 'Edit' permissions for a Google Doc to share it with anyone who has a Google account, inside or outside of your domain. Note - this includes accounts, external Google Apps domain users, and even email accounts that have an associated Google account.

This option opens up two sharing use cases for Google Docs:

  • Sharing with members of your Egnyte account who do not have access to the folder in which the Google Doc is stored
  • Sharing with users who do not have access to your domain but have a Google account (e.g., an external contractor with a email address)


Sharing Google Docs with external or non-Google users

Google docs can be shared with non-Google users or users outside your organization. Such users will not be able to edit Google Docs in Egnyte, however they can download the latest version of the Google Doc as a PDF.


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