New Invitation Flow and WebEdit 2.0

With this release, we have changed the flow for adding a new user to your account to better align with security best practices.

Note that this change only affects Egnyte-authenticated users; nothing will change for users who are authenticated through Active Directory or a SSO provider.

In the past, you were prompted to set a password for new users when inviting them to join Egnyte. Previously, admins were also able to change their users’ passwords afterwards — even those for other admin users.

This presented a potential hole in audit tracking. For example, imagine that an admin changed your password and then logged in as you. Any actions taken by the admin at that point would be attributed to you — and we'd have no way to tell the difference.

With the new flow, you will no longer be asked to set a password for new users; instead, users will choose one for themselves upon first login. As such, admins will be now be unable to change other users’ passwords.

Here are some other impacts of this change:

  • Invitation emails will always be sent upon creating a new user. This was previously optional.
  • Standard Users will always be able to change their user and password information (name, email address, and password). It was previously possible to prevent Standard Users from changing this information through an account-wide setting. 


WebEdit 2.0 - WebEdit comes out of beta!

As part of this release, we’re also excited to announce that WebEdit is all grown up — it’s no longer a beta product.

You probably won’t notice, but we made some changes under the hood for WebEdit 2.0. We’ll spare you the gory details — the end result is a WebEdit that’s more stable.

Note that upgrading to the latest version of WebEdit is mandatory; but don’t worry — you’ll automatically be prompted to do so the next time you try to use it.


Minor fixes

It's the little things that count, after all...

  • Inline notifications within the Web UI will now automatically disappear after 20 seconds. Previously, these had to be manually dismissed.
  • When drag & dropping 100+ files into the Web UI, only the first 100 files were being uploaded and no error was being shown.
  • Users were unable to send links for files or folders containing '%' in the path.
  • The two-factor auth screen was not loading properly for some users on IE8.
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