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Storage Connect 2.0

Storage Connect enables you to remotely access files stored behind your firewall WITHOUT moving them to the cloud or using a VPN client. Here’s what’s new in our latest version of Storage Connect. 

Scale Storage Connect to Handle More Users

It’s now possible to deploy a cluster of Storage Connect virtual machines (VMs). This will increase the number of people who can access Storage Connect at the same time by automatically balancing traffic across the different nodes in the cluster.

Clustering also increases fault-tolerance: Storage Connect will re-balance automatically if one of the nodes goes down.

If desired, it’s still possible to deploy a single standalone VM, rather than a cluster of Storage Connect VMs.


WebEdit is Now Available On Storage Connect

Egnyte WebEdit enables you to select a file from the Web UI and automatically open it in its native application. Changes you save will automatically appear as new versions.

This product is now available on Storage Connect. That means you can easily edit your locally-stored files without having to download, open the file, make changes, save, and re-upload. Just click the “Edit” button to begin.

If you don’t already have the WebEdit client installed, you’ll be prompted to download the client the first time that you try to edit.


File Locking

We’ve added file locking to the Storage Connect interface. Locking on Storage Connect behaves the same way as in the cloud. Files locked by others can be previewed, downloaded and copied. They cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted, nor can new versions of the file be uploaded.

Admins can modify a file, regardless of who holds a lock on the file.

Note that Storage Connect locks only apply to access via Storage Connect. Access to files locally via CIFS mapped drives will not honor these locks.


Support for Early SSL Termination

Storage Connect instances can now be configured to not terminate SSL. In such an arrangement, another entity such as an external load balancer would be configured to terminate SSL and pass HTTP traffic to the Storage Connect instance. SSL termination can be disabled via the admin “config” command­line utility.


Other Performance Improvements

We also made a number of smaller improvements that should boost system performance: we now cache Kerberos tickets and group membership for a given user.


Bug Fixes

  • It would sometimes take several seconds for the contents of a folder to appear once that folder was opened.
  • After uploading a file, Storage Connect would require a short delay before that file could be moved via drag and drop.
  • It is now possible to bookmark 30 or more folders at once. Previously, this would cause an error.
  • We will maintain your sort preferences (for example, date descending) after leaving a folder and returning.
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