Folder Links Just Got Even Better!

Sending a folder link is the best way to quickly share the entire contents of a folder with a colleague. We’ve recently added new options for folder links which give you a greater degree of control over who can access them.

Let’s say that you want to hire an outside PR agency to help publicize a new product. You have a couple firms in mind and you want to send some background information that will help them tailor their proposals to your product. This information is contained in a folder, which you’ll send as a link.

The folder contains some sensitive details about how you want to convey your brand image: you don’t want anybody outside the agencies seeing it. Ideally, you would require a password to view the link.

This is easy with the improvements we’ve made to folder links. Just open “Advanced Options”.

Pick the “Anyone with this password” option…

You can use the password that we suggest, or you can enter your own. Just make sure that you copy the password to send it in another email to your collaborators.

Now, anybody who tries to access that folder link will need to enter the password.

Here’s another situation: some top executives at your company have asked for information about the materials cost of a product that you manage. This is top-secret information; you’ll want to place the highest level of security on this folder link.

Your best option is to use the “Only account users I send this link to” option under “Advanced Options.”

Choosing this option means that this link will only be viewable by members of your Egnyte account whom you specifically identify in the “To:” section of the link.

A less restrictive option would be to choose the “Only account users” option. This will allow any member of your Egnyte account to access the link. However, people who are not members of your Egnyte account will be forbidden from accessing the link.

Finally, you’ll notice that you have the option of adding the name of the folder that you are sharing to the end of the link itself. Hopefully this little improvement will make reading links easier for humans, not just computers.

Single Sign-on for FTP and Mapped Drive is Easier to Use

We’ve improved password handling for SSO-authenticated users who log in via FTP and Mapped Drive. These users will now set a “Non-SSO” password that is only used for FTP and Mapped Drive.

Users of domains using Okta or OneLogin do not have to set this Non-SSO password: their users are able to log into FTP and Mapped Drive using their SSO passwords.

We Squished These Bugs

  • For some customers, the user permission report showed admins as having no access to a shared folder when, in fact, they had access.
  • Trying to delete a single file version in our Salesforce integration would instead delete all of the file’s versions.
  • The upload link dialog allowed users to enter invalid email addresses when sending out upload links.
  • The “Save” button on the Configuration → Branding page would become disabled after saving settings.  This required refreshing the page to make further branding changes.


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