Storage Sync for NetApp (Enterprise Local Cloud) Overview

Updated 9/18/2013


Integrate Egnyte with NetApp to combine high performance file serving with anywhere access and collaboration. Files on your NetApp FAS device can be accessed from any mobile device, at anytime, without losing visibility and control. Employees can collaborate across multiple offices and easily share files with business partners.

How ELC for NetApp FAS Works

Storage Sync for NetApp is a VMWare virtual appliance that is installed on-premise and connects your NetApp device to the Egnyte Cloud.  Designated shares on your NetApp device will be bi-directionally synchronized with the Egnyte Cloud making the files accessible using any device.  This integration combines high performance file access in your office with anywhere access and file sharing.


High Performance File Access with NetApp

Storage Sync for NetApp is uniquely architected to allow direct CIFS access to the NetApp share without intermediation by Egnyte.  There is no proprietary file system or access protocol required by Egnyte.  Direct access to NetApp ensures high performance file serving in your office, preserving the value of your investment.


File Access from Anywhere, with Any Mobile Device

You can access your files directly on the NetApp or online through the cloud file server. Cloud access can occur through a web browser, a mapped network drive, or any mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows phone.  Egnyte automatically creates versions as files change and notifies users of all file changes.


Bi-Directional Synchronization

Storage Sync for NetApp continually synchronizes files between designated NetApp shares and the cloud.  Storage Sync for NetApp leverages NetApp ONTAP APIs to optimally monitor file system changes.  This ensures users get uncompromised high performance from the NetApp while modified files are seamlessly synchronized to the cloud.  Files added to the cloud are also synchronized to the NetApp share.  


Integrate Existing Shares & Access Controls

Data and access permissions from existing shares on your NetApp can be synchronized to the cloud. This lets you cloud enable existing shares and ensure that users access files locally with the same level of security as they would on the Cloud File Server. For example, a user who  has "read" permissions on a folder would not be able to modify or delete files in that folder from the NetApp device or the cloud.


Collaborate Across Multiple Offices

Storage Sync for NetApp can be deployed on NetApp storage devices across any number of offices to allow collaboration. This helps employees in distributed offices work together seamlessly as if they were in one location. This eliminates the need to set up and maintain complex VPN or FTP servers.



Any files synced from your NetApp to the cloud are automatically backed up. Egnyte's data centers are hosted in world-class SAS-70 compliant facilities. All data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption over SSL during transfer and at rest. Egnyte's architecture has built-in redundancy, maintaining multiple copies of your data to protect against hardware failures. In the case of disaster recovery, all your files, including past versions, can be instantly retrieved from the cloud.


Installation Requirements

Please review the supported NetApp devices and related requirements.

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