Storage Sync for VMware Overview


Storage Sync is Egnyte’s hybrid file-sharing and collaboration technology. With Egnyte Storage Sync, files on any local storage device (direct attached, NAS or SAN) can be synced with Egnyte Cloud, thereby enabling users to store, share and access files seamlessly across storage systems and the cloud. Storage Sync is supported on the NETGEARVMware, and Windows HyperV platforms. Click here to learn more about Storage Sync.

Storage Sync on VMware is as a virtual appliance which runs on a range of supported virtual machines from VMware.  For companies looking to run Egnyte on desktop/office server class products, Egnyte can be run on VMware Workstation.  For companies looking to run Egnyte on data center/enterprise class server products, Egnyte can run on VMware ESX/ESXI/Server class products.  For more details on VMware products, please check their website


What's new with Storage Sync

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Storage Sync Installation

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