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Third Party Cloud Integration


Egnyte’s cloud services are currently powered by file storage in Egnyte’s secure data co-location facilities, which are globally-distributed.  Egnyte’s facilities have the highest levels of security and compliance and provide customers around the world with uninterrupted file access and sharing capabilities.

As enterprises adopt more web-based software applications, Egnyte’s goal is to be interoperable with popular cloud storage platforms.  Our vision is to provide customers with the same features and functions that we do now, but be able to store data on a cloud storage platform of their choice.

Egnyte is now interoperable with Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and NetApp StorageGrid. Customers will be able to access their files through Egnyte's web portal and mobile applications, but their files will reside in the storage services provided by these industry leaders.

This solution is available to enterprise customers and channel partners.  If you are interested in integrating Egnyte with a third party cloud storage provider, please follow the instructions below.

How to Get Started

1. Create a separate Egnyte domain for the files that you wish to store with a cloud storage provider. 

2. Once you've created the Egnyte domain, notify us that you're ready by logging a ticket.

3. A member of Egnyte's professional services team will configure your domain to store files in the cloud storage provider you have specified.

4. Start using your Egnyte domain.

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Egnyte Community

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