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The powerful integration of Egnyte and Microsoft Office enables a seamless user collaboration experience. This article covers how to use Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop for Windows, but you can also leverage the Office Online integration and the Office Mobile integration (iOS, Android, and Windows).


With this Add-In, you can do all of the following from Outlook.

  • Send links to files or folders (Share from Egnyte)
  • Upload files to Egnyte, and then share them (Upload and Share)
  • Request files via upload links (Request Files)

When you receive an email that contains attachments, you also have the option of saving those attachments directly to an Egnyte folder with the Save to Egnyte option.


Installing Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop also allows you to open and save documents directly to Egnyte from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Opening a document from Egnyte will lock it in the cloud and subsequent saves will result new versions of the document being uploaded to Egnyte.


Installation and System Requirements

  • For instructions on setting up Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop, system requirements and a download link, please refer to the installation guide.


The Settings menu is where you'll manage all of the following:

  • Your Egnyte account credentials
  • Link sharing settings (default link settings, when attachments in Outlook are uploaded to Egnyte and sent as links etc.)
  • Default Egnyte folders for the Upload and Share and Save to Egnyte functions.

External Authentication

Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop will ask you to provide your username and password before you can access your Egnyte files. You can also log in with Active Directory, Okta, Onelogin and other SSO providers supported by Egnyte by clicking Other login options.

Admin Controls

Admins can leverage a unique tool to reduce load on their mail servers. The feature depicted below allows admins to prohibit the sending of attachments from Outlook clients where Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop is installed. Instead, attached files will automatically be uploaded to Egnyte and converted to file links. 


How do Admin Controls Interact with Client Settings?

It is possible that the link or attachment settings a user applied on their Outlook client could differ from the settings that the user or their Admin applied from the Egnyte account. In this case, the setting which is more strict will apply. Keep these considerations in mind:

  • If an Admin enables the Always Send option from the Configuration page, the Send file attachments via Egnyte option will be grayed-out in the Client Settings.
  • If an Admin sets the Outlook client to send file attachments when file size exceeds 5 MB, the user will be able to specify a lower value (like 1 MB). Any setting that is more permissive than the admin's defined setting will be overridden by the admin defined setting whenever an email is sent.
  • If an Admin has not enabled a setting for their domain, the client setting will apply.

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