How do I migrate my data to the Storage Sync (NAS)?

The best way to migrate data onto the Netgear NAS device is by using rsync or WinSCP to ensure that timestamps are retained. rsync is available on Mac and Linux. WinSCP can be used if you are not comfortable with using command lines and would prefer an explorer type window.

If you have opted for a Data Migration Service, the Storage Sync for Netgear will synchronized your NAS data with the cloud server data and will only upload or download modified or new data. 

Note: You will need to restart your Storage Sync add-on or the NAS device right after data copy is complete. 


Option 1: rsync

This requires the SSH add-on to be installed on the NAS. You will also need an SSH tool such as Putty to SSH into the NAS.

Example 1. Copying from a Mac or Linux folder /Volumes/Data to the NAS. 

rsync -av /Volumes/Data/ root@nas.ip.address:/c/ELC/Shared

For Netgear NAS OS 6

rsync -av /Volumes/Data/ root@nas.ip.address:/data/ELC/Shared

Example 2. Copying from an existing share on the same NAS e.g. /c/Company to the Shared folder of the /c/ELC share.

rsync -av /c/Company/ /c/ELC/Shared

For Netgear NAS OS 6

rsync -av /c/Company/ /data/ELC/Shared

Example 3. Copying data from a source NAS to another (NAS to NAS data copy)

SSH into the source NAS then cd into the source directory. The example below will copy one NAS' Shared folder contents to another NAS device.

cd /c/ELC
rsync -arvt Shared root@target.nas.ip.address:/c/ELC/

For Netgear NAS OS 6

cd /data/ELC
rsync -arvt Shared root@target.nas.ip.address:/data/ELC/


Option 2: WinSCP

Download and install WinSCP 4.34 or higher. Use the Explorer Interface mode during setup.

When you start WinSCP, the program will ask you for your login information. You will only need to enter the hostname (NAS IP Address), username (root), and password (NAS admin password), select the server’s protocol (use default) and then click Login.

Assuming everything is correct, the program will open a directory window similar to Windows Explorer. Expand /c/ELC/Shared or Private/ depending on where you are seeding the data. If you have not installed the Storage Sync for Netgear, you will need to manually create a Share on your NAS named ELC. The share name is case-sensitive so ensure that you type ELC in caps. 

You can drag files/folders to this window from another explorer window.

* Do not use this option for NAS to NAS data copy. See Option 1.


Location of Shared and Private folders on Netgear 4 (NAS):




Location of Shared and Private folders on (NAS running Netgear OS 6):




Note: The above mentioned options are recommended only for initial data migration and prior to running the initial sync. During the initial sync auto-FFS is run. For any subsequent synchronization of data migrated using the above mentioned options, a manual FFS will have to be invoked using the URL below in order to get the data synchronized:


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