Active Directory Integration with Storage Sync for NETGEAR

Please note that the business class NAS devices from Netgear (models NVX and higher) support integration with Microsoft Active Directory Services (AD).  Please follow these steps to enable the AD integration with your Storage Sync.


Step 1: Login to the administrative interface of your Netgear NAS device  https://nasip.address/admin

Step 2: Navigate to Network > Global Settings and configure the primary DNS server of the Netgear NAS to point to the DNS server IP used in the AD domain.


Step 3: Typically the AD domain controller hosts a DNS server as well, so you can enter the IP address of the AD domain controller.  Navigate to Security >Security Mode, and change the security mode of the Netgear NAS from User to Domain.


Step 4: Accept the warning message given by Netgear UI. Then enter the following parameters for ADS configuration

a.    NetBIOS Name

b.    Domain Name (FQDN)

c.    Domain Controller (manually)

d.    Domain Administrator Username and Password.


When you hit Apply, you should see a popup "Successfully joined domain XXX" if all goes well.


Step 5: You can now browse to Security > User & Group Accounts and check the list of users made available from ADS.

Step 6: You can now install the Storage Sync bin file on the NAS. The users mapping should automatically map the available AD users to the user list downloaded from Egnyte Cloud File Server.

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