Egnyte will End of Support Netgear on September 30th, 2021.  For more information, please see this article:  Future of Storage Sync for Netgear

Storage Sync syncs the files from your ReadyNAS storage device to the cloud; this combines the power of fast local access in your office with sharing and mobile access from the cloud. 

Storage Sync for NETGEAR is available for ReadyNAS 6 devices. To ensure optimal performance when using Storage Sync, be sure to read the system requirements below. Installation guides can be found here.

Supported Use-cases

Storage Sync for NETGEAR is best suited for remote offices or job-sites with no more than 100 users. For optimal performance of Storage Sync software, we recommend NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices with at least 4 CPUs and 8 GB RAM. 

System Requirements

Below are Egnyte’s minimum memory requirements. The amount of RAM required for your system depends on the number of concurrent employees accessing the NAS and the number of files synced with Egnyte. It is possible to synchronize up to 1,000,000 files with only 300MB of RAM. However, to ensure scalability, you should select hardware based on forecasts for both concurrent user and file growth. Additionally, if users exceed 50 total users, consider deploying Storage Sync for VMware or Storage Sync for Hyper-V.




 Maximum Number of Users

 Up to 50

 Up to 100

 Maximum Number of Files

 Up to 5,000,000

 Up to 10,000,000

These figures are approximations; sync times can vary greatly depending on factors like file size. Please contact us if you have specific questions about the right storage configuration for your company's workload. 

Supported Devices

A list of supported and certified ReadyNAS devices can be found by following the link below:

Supported NETGEAR Hardware

Storage Sync Installation

Download the latest Storage Sync for ReadyNAS 6 Devices.

Supported firmware: ReadyNAS 6.10.2

  1. After downloading the install file (Orchestrator), upload the file to the NETGEAR UI Apps tab by clicking on Upload.

  2. Once the file upload is complete, you will see a message on the UI informing you that the Application Orchestrator is successfully installed. The entire installation process takes approximately 20 mins. Please do not restart the machine during this time. During the installation, the NAS share access will be disabled, and the settings page may not launch.
  3. Navigate to the Storage Sync page to continue configuration with the following URL: http://ReadyNAS-IP-Address:8806/


Upgrade NETGEAR Device Hardware

If you are an existing customer with a NETGEAR 4 device, please use this information to learn how to upgrade to a NETGEAR 6 device.

If you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade your NETGEAR 6 device, please look at the upgrade article

Over the past couple of years, NETGEAR has released different firmware versions for its series of NETGEAR ReadyNAS devices. The Storage Sync for NETGEAR app version has been in-sync with these firmware releases. Here is a compatibility matrix between the NETGEAR Firmware and Egnyte Storage Sync for NETGEAR.

ReadyNAS Firmware Version Storage Sync Version 
6.7.1 - 6.7.4 11.0.6
6.7.1 - 6.7.5 11.0.8
6.7.5, 6.8 11.0.9
6.8.1 11.1.1
6.9.0, 6.9.1 11.1.2
6.9.1 - 6.9.3 11.1.4
6.9.1 - 6.9.3 11.2.2
6.9.4 11.2.3 - 11.2.5
6.9.5 11.2.5, 11.3.0, 11.3.1
6.10 11.3.5
6.10.1 11.3.8, 11.4.1
6.10.2 11.4.3, 11.4.5, 11.4.7
6.10.3 11.4.8, 11.4.9


Maximum Folder and File Size

Egnyte allows you to sync 50,000 files in any folder and up to 10 million files total between your device and the Cloud. Files in sub-folders do not count against the 50K file per folder limit, so not only can you have 50K files in each folder, but you can also have up to 50K files in each sub-folder. In addition, you can sync files up to 10GB in size. With the continued development of our sync tools, both the maximum number of files and the file size will continue to increase.

Mapping a Drive to Storage Sync

Once you've installed Storage Sync for NETGEAR and completed the initial synchronization, individual employees can map a drive from their computer to Storage Sync on your NAS via the following.

For PC users: Open My Computer, and click on menu item Tools > Map Network Drive. The folder name to be used is \\NAS-IP-ADDRESS\ELC

For Mac users: Open Finder and click on menu item Go > Connect To Server. The location to be used is smb://NAS-IP-ADDRESS/ELC


Storage Sync is built to integrate seamlessly with your NETGEAR ReadyNAS, but there are a few restrictions that our integration does not support. The following are not supported:

  • Sparc-based NETGEAR devices.
  • Open LDAP integration (only Active Directory integration is supported).
  • Use of AFP to access the share from NETGEAR NAS on Mac OS (only CIFS/SMB is supported).
  • Synchronization of files from existing shared folders on the NAS (only files in Egnyte/ELC share will sync).
Note: Only files transferred to the Egnyte share using a mapped network drive (SMB/CIFS) will synchronize. All files transferred to the Egnyte share through other methods (e.g., FTP or command line copy) will not be recognized by Storage Sync and will not be synced to the Cloud.

Changes you make to a file will only be synced once you close the file. This is usually not an issue for file types typically closed when editing is finished (like Word or Excel documents).

However, certain specialized application file types like those used in databases (Oracle databases, Mysql, SQL Server, Access DB, Quickbooks), Exchange servers, and virtual machines (e.g., VMware), which are left open for extended periods of time while changes are made. Egnyte is not currently able to sync changes to these file-types while the files remain open, so use caution when storing them in a synced-folder.