Map Drive Installation

Egnyte Drive was developed to replace Map Drive and addresses some of the inherent issues with WebDAV. We strongly recommend using Egnyte Drive unless you have a specific need for the WebDAV protocol. 

Download Egnyte Drive for Mac & Windows



To install Map Drive on your desktop, please download the Map Drive installation program and follow the instructions below.

Download Map Drive for Windows

Manually Map a Drive

Map a Drive using logon scripts for Domain Users


Setup Instructions

Setup on Windows

Setup on Linux


Recommended Use

Egnyte provides several convenient ways to share files, ensuring it’s always easy to manage whatever data you are working with.  To maximize your experience with Map Drive, Egnyte offers the following recommendations for managing different file sizes based on the speed of your internet connection:

Recommended File Size         Bandwidth

Up to 10MB                                 1.5 Mbps
Up to 20MB                                 3.0 Mbps        
Up to 50MB                                 10 Mbps

You can use Map Drive to access larger files than what is recommended above. However, you might find another method, such as FTP or Desktop Sync, more convenient.

Note: In Windows, the maximum size of any file you can transfer via Map Drive is initially set at 50MB by the operating system.  Read this article to increase the maximum file size. 


Supported Platforms

Map Drive works across all popular operating systems, so you can access files easily regardless of whether you use a Mac, Windows, or Linux.


How Egnyte desktop access appears

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7

As a mapped drive in Computer; a shortcut is also created on your desktop

Microsoft Windows XP (all versions)

Under My Network Places in Windows Explorer; a shortcut is also created on your desktop



As a Mapped Drive


Setup on Windows

1. Uninstall any previous version of Map Drive you may have installed on your computer. Upgrading from a previous Map Drive version is not currently supported.

2. Download Map Drive.

3. Double-click on the .exe and begin the installation process by clicking “Next.”

4. Click “Next” to continue to the default install location.

5. Enter a name for your Map Drive folder, or use the default folder name by clicking “Next.” 

6. Then choose a Start Menu folder, or use the default by clicking "Next."

7. Proceed with the selected configuration by clicking "Install."

8. Complete installation by selecting “Finish.”

9. Enter the same username and password that you use to log in to Egnyte’s web portal. Your domain is the word before “”, for example “”


 10. An Egnyte Map Drive icon will appear on your computer’s desktop.


11. Double clicking the Map Drive icon will show the new Map Drive directory installed in your “Network Location.” Your Private and Shared folders are located in this directory.


Setup on Linux

To install Map Drive on Linux, please follow these instructions to manually map a drive.

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