Map Drive Access

Please note that as of January 2014, Map Drive support for Mac has been discontinued for new customers. Support will respond to service requests from existing customers, but no new fixes will be forthcoming.


Map Drive is just like a regular hard drive on your computer; simply clicking on the drive allows you to access files as you would through any desktop folder. The only difference is that files you see on Map Drive actually reside in the cloud.

Whether working from home or the office, easy file access is the key to being productive and efficient.  Many cloud solutions allow you to access files quickly through a web browser, but Egnyte goes a step further by also offering seamless access to company files right through your desktop using Map Drive. Any file changes you make are immediately updated in the cloud. Map Drive performs this synchronization automatically anywhere you have an internet connection, and is available for both Windows and Mac.

Working with Map Drive

To promote efficient collaboration and prevent other employees from editing files you have opened, Egnyte automatically locks files you access through Map Drive.  When a file is locked, other employees can still open and view the file, but they cannot make modifications to the file until you close it.  Click here to learn more about file locking.


The cloud provides easy access to company files anywhere, so it’s equally important to ensure your files are secure no matter where you go.  With Map Drive, even if your computer walks off, your files won't go with it.  Files are not saved locally  and can only be accessed online through Map Drive after entering your password. If you lose your laptop, you can quickly log into your account through a web browser and change your password, preventing anyone from accessing the files.  IT admins will rest assured knowing that when they adjust employee permissions, or an employee leaves the company, permission changes immediately take effect on the employee’s Map Drive, preventing them from accessing their old company's files.

Improve Map Drive Performance

Click here to troubleshoot slow access from the Map Drive client.

Click here to troubleshoot slow upload speeds via Map Drive.

Map Drive vs. Desktop Sync (Personal Local Cloud)

Both Map Drive and Desktop Sync provide seamless access to files in Egnyte through your desktop, but there are key differences.  Click here to see a comparison of the two products.

System Requirements

Review system requirements for Map Drive here

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