FTP Administrative Controls

FTP access to your cloud files is available to Admins and Power Users in your account.  By default these users can access FTP, but admins can restrict access and/or require only secure connections.

To restrict FTP access, navigate to "Settings" / "Configuration" / "Applications."

FTP_controls.png There are three options to specify who can utilize FTP access.

  • Admins only – Only Administrators can connect and transfer files via FTP
  • Admins & Power users only – Administrator and Power Users can connect and transfer files via FTP. Error "421 FTP access is not available to this user" is mostly caused if this setting is set to Admins only.
  • None – FTP access is disabled for all users in the account including Administrators.

Administrators can also choose to allow only secure FTP connections such as FTPS (FTP over SSL) or FTPES (explicit FTPS).  To require secure FTP connections, enable the "Allow only secure FTP connections" option. We recommend allowing only secure FTP connections as normal FTP transmits usernames and password un-encrypted over the network and can therefore pose a security risk.

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