Egnyte's FTP and SFTP service provides the ability to preserve timestamps when files are uploaded to the cloud from your computer. For this to work, you'll need to enable the option in your FTP client. We'll show you how to make sure timestamps are preserved for FileZilla and WinSCP.

Not all clients support this functionality in a standard, compliant manner. 


In FileZilla, for example, the option to preserve timestamps is available in the Transfer menu as shown below. Once you select this option, uploaded files will be loaded into Egnyte with the original timestamp from your computer.



In WinSCP, the option to preserve timestamps can be selected in the Options -> Preferences menu, then choosing Transfer -> Binary preset. On the screen, the Preserve timestamp checkbox should be ticked.


Then, you'll need to turn off the Enable transfer resume/transfer to temporary filename for. Go to Options-> Preferences menu and then in the Transfer-> Endurance section, the Enable transfer resume /transfer to temporary filename option should be disabled.