How to Search for Files and Folders in the Web UI

Egnyte’s search tool makes it possible to quickly search huge quantities of files and folders.

The Basics

Searching for Folders

Search Details

Advanced Search


The Basics

When searching for a file, keep a few basics in mind.

Entering a term (like, “image”) will return results that contain that term (“stock images” or “file-selected-expanded-image”).



Search Current Folder

You can search your entire account, or you can narrow your search to items contained in your current folder.


Wildcard Search

You can insert an asterisk to act as a wildcard in your search; this will pick up any extra letters or suffixes that might be attached to your search term. Imagine you’re looking for any files that contain the word “photo” in the file name. Searching for “photo” alone would miss results like “photographer” or “photo-new”, but adding an asterisk ensures you’ll catch those results.



Search for at Least One Term ("OR")

Entering multiple terms will return files files that pertain to any of those search terms. For example, a search of “image enterprise” would return any files where either “image” or “enterprise” is relevant. In this case, the “ABC Enterprise Solutions” folder pertains to the term “enterprise”, but has nothing to do with the search term “image.”  Spaces between search terms are interpreted as "OR".




Search for All Terms ("AND")

You can narrow your search by inserting the word ‘AND’ in all capital letters between each term. This will limit results to files that contain both terms. Searching “test AND enterprise” yields only results where both terms are relevant.



Search for Specific Phrase

Finally, if you are looking for a specific phrase, you can also search using quotation marks. This will only yield files that contain that exact phrase. In the example below, searching  “2nd level content” will only return files that match that string.



Searching for Folders

Your Egnyte account might contain tens of thousands of folders; finding a single one of those could be tough. Fortunately, we have a folder search option just for this use case. Select "Folders," it will return folders which match your search criteria. 


Search Details

Metadata Search
Egnyte’s file search engine will also consider a file’s metadata (the folder where it lives, notes added to the file, etc.) when determining how relevant a result is. Generally speaking, though, a file’s name is weighted more heavily than metadata.


Search Trash
Egnyte's search results do not include files in the trash.  To learn more about searching in the Trash, please refer to this article.


Search Weights
Filenames have a higher weight in scoring results.  The number of matches within a file also plays a role in ranking the search results. 


Tokenized Search

When searching for a filename or foldername, we tokenize the search into groups of 3 letters called trigrams. For example, searching for "brexit" would create 4 tokens ("bre", "rex", "exi", and "xit") and any file/folder name which matches at least 50% of search tokens would be considered a match.  A folder named "Existing Breaks" would be displayed in the search results since it matches 2 out of the 4 tokens ("bre" and "exi") but a folder named "Breaks" would not be displayed since it only matches 1 token ("bre").


Advanced Search

Boolean Search

The boolean operations AND, OR, NOT, are all supported in Egnyte search.  Egnyte supports grouping to allow you to adjust how multiple Boolean operators work together using parentheses to group words.

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Egnyte Community

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