Advanced Authentication


The Advanced Authentication package contains a suite of our most powerful security features. If you think your business might benefit from these features, please contact us.

Password Policy Management

Password policy features like minimum password strength and account lockout settings are standard with all Egnyte plans. With Advanced Authentication, you'll be able to reinforce your account with these extras.

  • Set a minimum number of characters for user passwords.
  • Set the password strength for your user passwords.
  • Require users to rotate their passwords on a designated time frequency and prevent users from reusing recent passwords.
  • Configure email alerts to users when their passwords change.
  • Configure email alerts to admins when users reset their passwords,
To learn more about Password Controls, check out this article.

Two-Step Login Verification

Admins who purchase the Advanced Authentication package can mandate the use of Two-step login verification (TSLV). TSLV requires the use of a third piece of information (in addition to username and password) to access an Egnyte account. We've partnered with two-step login leader Duo-Mobile to build an ironclad TSLV solution that allows the use of automated phone calls, text messages, "duo-push" notifications, or passcodes generated from Duo-Mobile's smartphone application.

To learn more about implementing TSLV, please read on here

Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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