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Share Links Through the Web Interface


This article describes how to share files via links. If you want to collaborate on a set of files with a group of users, click here to learn about sharing folders

Sharing Links

Admin and Power Users can use a file link to quickly share one or more files with someone inside or outside of your organization. Sharing a link is easier than emailing an attachment because you don't have to worry about the low file-size limits that many email systems impose. You can also copy a file link and post it on social media, embed it in a document, or display it on a webpage.

Start by hovering over a file so the Share icon appears. Click Share and then select Share Link.webui_redesign_share_link_icon.png

When the dialog opens, you’ll see a summary of the security and expiration options that are defaulted by your administrator. From here, you can click Change link options to adjust some of the security settings or get the link with the default options. You’ll also be given the option to either Get Link or Email Link.


If you click Get Link, the link will be generated and you can click Copy link and paste it into the medium of your choice. Choose Email Link and you'll be prompted to enter your recipient’s email address and an optional message if desired. Click Send when you're ready to share your link.

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