Desktop Sync for Windows Installation & Upgrade Steps

Install Desktop Sync

  1. Download and open the .msi file.
  2. Click Next.


  3. Select where the synchronized folders should be stored. You can leave the default destination and click Next or select Change to select a different location before continuing.


  4. Click the Install button to start the installation process.


  5. Once the installation has completed, click Finish to close the setup wizard.


  6. The login screen will appear next. Enter your Egnyte username and password and click Continue. If you utilize a SSO provider, click Other Login Options. You may have to click the Egnyte icon that appears on your desktop to open the page.


    Note: This page will be displayed if you are a current Egnyte customer. If you are on a trial, this page will be skipped.

  7. Check the box next to the folders you'd like to synchronize to your computer and click Save.


    If you select a parent folder, all of the sub-folders will automatically be selected. You can uncheck them if needed.

  8. Once completed, the files will begin syncing to your computer and you'll receive a confirmation email. You can navigate to the folder's location on your computer by clicking Open Folder or simply close the window to go to the Desktop Sync home page.


    Note: If you have chosen to sync a large number of folders and files, it will take time for all of the items to be available on your computer. You can monitor the progress of the sync from the Desktop Sync home page.


Upgrade Desktop Sync

1. Download and open the latest version of Desktop Sync.

2. Click Next.

3. Click the Update button.


Mass Deployment & Upgrade

If you plan on mass deploying Desktop Sync, you should not "clone" (manually copy application file and folders) from an existing installation as this can lead to sync errors. Instead, follow the steps provided in this article to make the process as smooth as possible.

Known Limitations

  1. The small visual indicators which mark whether individual files have synced may take more than 1 sync to update.
  2. Database lock may occur if you quit Desktop Sync while syncing a large dataset. Stopping all Egnyte processes from the Control Panel and starting over will solve the problem.
  3. The localhost browser may not launch immediately after install. 
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