Please ensure the following:

1. Files are placed in a sub-folder under Shared or Private

2. Only an administrator has rights to create a folder directly under the Shared folder. If you are a non-Admin User on Egnyte, please ensure that the files are placed in a sub-folder under Shared that has synchronized down to the Desktop Sync. Also, ensure that you have Read/Write permissions to the folder by logging into the Egnyte account from the web interface (browser). If you are not allowed to upload files from the browser into the same folder, then you may have Read-only access to the folder. 

2. In the case of Private folders, even an administrator cannot manually create a sub-folder. These folders are the private folders of Egnyte Power Users and these folders will have the name of their respective Egnyte username. These get synchronized down if you have configured to sync the Private folder.

If files are still getting skipped then please click Contact Support located on the top right-hand corner of the Desktop Sync Settings page at Leave the Send Logs box checked. We will review the logs to see what is causing the issue.