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Desktop Sync services could not start (Windows)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Desktop Sync has been out of support since December 31, 2019. As it is approaching its End of Life on April 30th, 2024, we strongly encourage users to transition to our Desktop App as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about the differences between these products, see how Desktop Sync and Desktop App compare.

There are a few issues that can cause Desktop Sync services to be unable to start. We've gone over the most common issues that cause this and how to resolve them below. 


Full System Event & Application Logs 

These logs may be full, which stops Desktop Sync services from starting or even writing to the event logs. You will need to clear the current event logs and change the settings to overwrite as needed. 

  1. Open the Event Viewer.
  2. Expand Windows Logs
  3. Right-click on Application and select Clear Logs...
  4. Right-click on System and select Clear Logs...
  5. Also, change the log settings to avoid such issues in the future. Right-click on both event logs again and select Properties. Change to Overwrite files as needed.


Installing the Desktop Sync data folder on a Network Drive

Desktop Sync was designed to be installed on personal laptops or desktops and works well when placing the data folder on your local drive (e.g., C Drive). However, the Desktop Sync will not start if the data folder resided on a network drive (drives that are mapped outside of the personal machine). If that is the case, you will need to uninstall the Desktop Sync and re-install again and ensure that you place the data folder on a local drive. We also do not recommend sharing the Desktop Sync directory over a network drive. 


Anti-virus Programs

If you use Trend Micro or Norton anti-virus, the Desktop Sync services may not start after installation. Please disable the anti-virus program and reinstall the Desktop Sync. You may re-enable the anti-virus program after installation. 



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