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How do I move or rename my Desktop Sync data folder?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Desktop Sync has been out of support since December 31, 2019. As it is approaching its End of Life on April 30th, 2024, we strongly encourage users to transition to our Desktop App as soon as possible. If you would like to learn more about the differences between these products, see how Desktop Sync and Desktop App compare.

Before starting the steps below, please make a note of your Folder Configuration as you will need to apply an identical configuration when the Desktop Sync is reinstalled. To view your current folder settings (link only works if Desktop Sync is installed), go to



1. Uninstall the current Desktop Sync application.

2. Move the Desktop Sync Data folder to the new location or rename the data folder.

If you are moving the data to another machine, you will need to copy the data while retaining file timestamps. This step is specifically important to avoid files from being recognized as more recent than the existing data that you have on the cloud file server. 

3. Reinstall the Desktop Sync application and point to the new Data folder location.


It is important that you use the correct path to your new Desktop Sync folder to avoid re-synchronization of your data. 



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