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Cache Policy UI Updates for Smart Cache Ver 4.7.1


Product:  Smart Cache ver 4.7.1 Release Date: Sep 27th, 2023

Show Cache Policy Tab and Allow Detach/Attach Capability for the Cache Policy

Cache tab, under Smart Cache policies option under WebUI device settings, is now displayed, which was earlier hidden. The purpose of the cache tab shown again is to provide capability to detach/attach the existing system policy “Automatically purge uploaded files” to an Smart Cache device. 

By default, if the Smart Cache device is configured during setup for data collection use-case in SMB mode, then this system created cache policy “Automatically purge uploaded files” will be attached to the device as shown in the below screenshot.

Smart Cache_Release 9-1-23_1.png

If a Smart Cache device is configured for Revit and Civil 3D use-case in SMB mode, then the same system created cache policy will be in a detached state for the device as shown in below screenshot.

Smart Cache_Release 9-1-23_3.png

The table below describes the system created cache policy “Automatically purge uploaded files” enabled/disabled states based on the different modes of Smart Cache Configuration Setup.

Smart Cache Modes

Caching Policy - “Automatically purge uploaded files”

Desktop App 


Not applicable 

(Hidden, not displayed)


(Use-Case: Data Collection)


(Attached to device)


(Use-case: Revit and Civil 3D)


(Detached to device)

Changing the default behavior of the system caching policy from enabled to disable or vice-versa is going to seriously affect the automatic purging functionality of uploaded files. Please choose it wisely based on the use-case requirements.

Cache Warming: Warning Recommended Message Added on Top of the Folder Selection

Cache warming configuration settings, when invoked, now come with a recommended warning message to caution end users that if the same folder name, which was already selected in Folder Synchronization (aka remote folders), UI should not be selected in the Cache warming folder selection criteria. It leads to double storage space consumption and the desired functionality might get affected. Below is the screenshot of the warming message.

Smart Cache_Release 9-1-23_2.png

Cache Warming: Default Minimum File Size Changed from 1KB to 10MB 

Criteria for Cache Warming settings is now updated from 1KB default minimum file size criteria to 10MB.

Smart Cache_Release 9-1-23_5.png

The minimum file size drop-down selection list is now updated and optimized. Starts from 1 MB and goes to 500 GB. Below is the list of file sizes that one can select from the drop-down list.

Smart Cache_Release 9-1-23_4.png

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed stale folder listing in SMB mode of Smart Cache while navigating through UNC share path.
  • Fixed a potential crash issue on Smart Cache device.

Downloads (If Applicable)

Download Smart Cache

Smart Cache FAQs

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