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Secure & Govern (19.2) - Unusual Access - Prevent Delete Detections for Private Folders


Release Date: July 27, 2023  Secure & Govern 19.2 Release

Unusual Access - Prevent Delete Detections for Private Folders (Egnyte Sources Only)

Secure & Govern now allows customers to prevent Unusual Access delete detections for Private folders. By default, this option is unchecked which means all folders will be analyzed for Unusual Access delete detections. When this feature is enabled no delete detections will occur for any user when deleting files from Private folders. 

To enable this feature, go to Settings\Analysis Rules\Unusual Access

Secure and Govern_Release 7-27-23_1.png

This is a potential insider threat security gap. Please make sure the proper approvals are in place before preventing Private Folder delete detections.

Ransomware - Include User & Entropy Detection Information in Export Report

User information, location information as well as detected folder and file information has been added to the Secure & Govern Probable Ransomware export report. The expanded report will help customers quickly analyze the potential attack and take remediation action. The following information has been added to the report.

  • Total number files detected in each folder
  • IP Address
  • Host/Device Name
  • Location
  • Entry Point (WebUI, Desktop App, etc...)
  • Operating System
  • File entropy check information

Support for Chile Jurisdiction

Support for Regulatory Compliance Policies and built-in patterns for Chile jurisdiction, including Chilean Data Protection Law (CDPL).

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