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AutoCAD Civil 3D Support and Cache Warming UI Enhancements for Smart Cache Ver 4.5.1


Product:  Smart Cache ver 4.5.1 Release Date: July 21st, 2023 

AutoCAD Civil3D Support Over SMB Collaboration Mode

Smart Cache in SMB collaboration mode will start supporting AutoCAD Civil3D with both single-user and multi-user collaboration activities.

UI Modifications in Smart Cache Setup Configuration

The Smart Cache setup configuration UI look is re-designed to make it more clear for IT Admin to choose the use-case options of either going for “Revit and Civil 3D collaboration” use-case or for “Data collection” use-case under SMB collaboration mode. Below is the screenshot of the new UI of setup configuration.


Cache Warming UI Enhancements

  • Cache Warming configuration settings are enhanced to include per folder file extension(s) and minimum file size per device criteria. 
  • UI is re-factored to include the below configuration criteria as shown in the screenshot below.
    • Enter required file extension(s) for the selected folder(s)
    • Selecting minimum file size selection from the drop-down for the overall folders at device-level



  • Cache Warming setting page is modified to look and feel better with new user experience as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Cache Warming settings allows modification of existing configurations through the “Create selection” button option as shown in the screenshot below.  Either of the below two ways modifications can be done:
    • Add new folders to the existing list or modify the existing file extensions and the file size.
    • Clear the existing configuration selection and select completely all new folders, file extensions and file size


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