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Secure & Govern (18.9) - Folder-Only Restriction Policy Improvement


Release Date: June 15, 2023  Secure & Govern 18.9 Release

Content Safeguards - Folder-Only Restriction Policy Improvements

Content Safeguard Restriction policies (blocking restrictions only) will be applied immediately, when configuring folder-only restriction policies in Secure & Govern. Prior to this release, customers needed to wait for Secure & Govern to complete scanning all the files, defined within a policy, before a folder-only policy would take effect. These scan delays also could be seen when new files and subfolders were added to Egnyte Collaborate. The folder-only policy processing provides the following benefits to Content Safeguard Restriction policies: 

  • Link sharing controls are applied immediately at the folder and file level based on policy configuration
  • Link sharing controls are applied immediately to new files and subfolders based on policy configuration

Currently, the improved process is only supported for Content Safeguard Restriction folder-only policies. Restriction policies involving classification or risk score still require file scanning prior to being applied. The improved process is also not currently supported Content Safeguard Exception policies.

Folder-only policy processing improvement only applies to “who a link is shared with”. Link expiry and download controls will still be managed at the file level which requires file level scanning


Permission Browser - Quick Link to Sensitive Content View

A quick link to the sensitive content view has been added to the Secure & Govern permissions view. Now users can easily jump back and forth between these views to understand the type of sensitive content found in the folder and who has access to it.


Suspicious Login - Add Detected Login Information to Public API & SIEM

User Login information has been added to the Secure and Govern Issues API and SIEM integrations. The Suspicious login details have always been provided in the Issues view, but now can be reviewed in external applications using our public API or within our supported SIEM integrations.

The following user information has been added.

  • Entry Point (Web UI, Desktop App, etc...)
  • Issue Type (Concurrent login, restricted country, etc…)
  • Login Information
    • Date/time of login
    • Login Status (successful or unsuccessful) 
    • Login Type (VPN, direct, etc...)
    • Login/IP Provider
    • IP Address
    • City
    • State
    • Country

Link to Public API (SIEM field format): https://developers.egnyteprotect.com/#tag/issues/operation/getIssue 

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