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Fixes Introduced in Desktop App for Mac 3.14.13


Desktop App for Mac 3.14.13  Release Date:  May 24, 2023

Issues Addressed

Improvement in Adobe Illustrator File Handling

We've made an update to improve the way our app works with Adobe Illustrator. Previously, some users noticed an issue with the creation date of new files. This has now been fixed, and you should see the correct creation dates for all new files.

Enhancement for Offline Folder Move and Rename Operations

We've improved the way our app handles moving and renaming folders. In the past, some users experienced issues with synchronizing folders after they were moved and renamed. We've addressed this issue to ensure a smoother and more reliable synchronization process.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • On Monterey OS, problems may occur when opening a file after moving it to a different folder.
  • Co-Editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.

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