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New Migration App Feature: Opting Out of Syncing Deletes


Migration App UI v1.23.0 / Agent v3.21.0  Release Date: 5/22/2023

Opting Out of Syncing Deletes

Previously, the Migration Operator did not have the ability to opt out of syncing deletes during True-Ups. However, many customers have expressed a preference not to delete files on the destination during True-Ups, even if some files were deleted from the source since the previous migration command.

As a solution, we have provided the ability to opt out of syncing deletes during True-Ups. 

Initially, this is not enabled by default on all domains, but is available by request.

From Advanced Options, click on Sync Deletes.


This setting defaults to Always. Once set to Never, this selection cannot be changed and will remain in place for this migration job for all future True-Ups.

If you have not made a choice in Advanced Options, you will be offered the chance to decide when you initiate the first True-Up, from the True-Up options dialog. This selection cannot be changed, so whatever you choose in the initial True-Up will remain in place for this migration job for all future True-Ups.


If you have already made a choice in Advanced Options or have already run a True-Up, your choice will be indicated when you initiate any subsequent True-Up.



When Confluence Mode is enabled for a migration job, Sync Deletes is automatically set to Never, because we don’t want to delete any data from the destination. This is indicated on the Sync Deletes configuration page in Advanced Options.


In the following scenario, Sync Deletes is set to Never. Some files were deleted on the source and a True-Up was executed. In the True-Up specs on the Migration Details page, hovering over the “i” next to Files on Source Previously Migrated brings up a tooltip stating “This is a count of the files still existing on the source that were previously migrated. You may have migrated more files in previous commands, but this is the number still existing.”


Issues Addressed

Conflicting Jobs Targeting Child Folders

When a customer had conflicting jobs targeting child folders with Confluence mode off, files were being deleted.
For example, see where these two jobs are targeting a parent and child folder:
In this release, we have provided the Skip Delete option, and are alerting the Migration Operator when creating jobs with conflicting paths.


Incorrect Total Migration Job Value During True-Ups

When running a True-Up, UI was displaying correct "Previously migrated files" count but not displaying a value for "Total migration job". This has been resolved with this release.

Additional Information and Resources

Opt Out Of Syncing Deletes With Migration App

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