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Cache Warming Configuration and Status Settings


How to Configure Cache Warming

Within the WebUI, first navigate to "Settings" and then follow the path below: 

"Devices" -> "Storage devices" -> Select a device that is configured for cache warming -> "Settings" -> "Cache Warming"


On the above page, click on the “Add Cache warming selection” button which will show the user the new dialog where cache warming configuration need to set up.


In this dialog, you are required to select the most important folders that you use regularly in day-to-day activities for reading/writing files from Egnyte cloud. Based on the folder selection, the Smart Cache device prefetches the files from the Egnyte cloud file system onto the cache disk, so that first time when any user opens the files for either read/write it will be faster when compared first time file openings were slower and subsequent reads/writes would be faster as it caches only after user opens the file for first time.  Input the following in order to progress forward:

  • Required folders need to select from the folder picker as shown in the screenshot above and currently, it supports up to 10 folders of any type can be selected (Mandatory field)
  • Input the required file type extensions need to be mentioned and it takes any file type extensions, for example .docx, .pdf, .xlsx, .rvt and others. (Optional field)

Cache warming on the backend currently caches files up to 5000 max number per folder level, so that users do not pre-fetch entire customer folder structure onto the cache, which will make the cache overwhelming. This restriction is to make sure Smart Cache is optimally loaded.

How to Check Cache Warming Status

There is added support for an additional device settings page for showing the cache warming progress status information after it is configured in the setup wizard and now it provides the complete progress status information.

The status information can be found in the same "Cache Warming" page.  User can navigate to "Settings" in the WebUI and follow the same path:

"Devices" -> "Storage devices" -> Select a device that is configured for cache warming -> "Settings" -> "Cache Warming"

Highlights of the cache warming status information are:

  • Overall cached files count
  • Overall cached size number (in Gigabytes)
  • Folders wise table showing below information,
    • Folder name 
    • File extension used
    • Folder level downloaded cache size
    • Folder level downloaded files count 
    • Folder level status information with below states,
      • NOT STARTED - Download is yet to start.
      • COMPLETED - All files in that folder are downloaded to cache.
      • IN PROGRESS - Files download is in progress.
      • ERROR - some issue in download, please check logs for more information.
      • PARTIALLY COMPLETE - Downloaded only few files out of all files as cache hit the 5000-limit mark for this folder.


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