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Revit Collaboration Feature Comparison Between Smart Cache and Storage Sync


Revit Collaboration feature side-by-side comparison between Smart Cache and Storage Sync

Revit collaboration (co-editing) allows users to work on the same Revit file by different users at same time through the Revit worksharing modal. It’s supported on Smart Cache (4.0 onwards) in network share or SMB mode and lets compare how it fares with the Storage Sync support of Revit functionality.


Smart Cache (4.0 and above)

Storage Sync

What use-cases does it solve? All users located in a given physical office(single-site) can collaborate
Caching capabilities Yes Admin has to synchronize the folders
Global File Lock on the Revit central model Yes


Network drive share (UNC path) Yes Yes
Mapping of Egnyte power users and AD users Automatic


(Need to map the users manually on the UI)

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