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Secure & Govern (18.6) - Analysis Rules - Folder Support for Google Drive and Microsoft


Release Date: May 8, 2023

Analysis Rules - Allow Folder Configuration Support for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Analysis Rule folder configuration is now supported for Microsoft OneDrive/O365, Microsoft SharePoint online and Google Drive. Administrators can restrict the folders where certain Analysis Rules apply instead of the entire content source.


Folder selection for Microsoft will not be available until the initial Secure & Govern scan has been completed. Detections for all folders will occur as part of the initial scan process. However, customers can modify folders, after initial scan, and the issues will be auto-remediated based on the folder selections

Aggregated Data Aging Information in Content Lifecycle

Aggregated data aging information for each content source is now available in the Content Lifecycle analytics view, providing the admin visibility into the file size and count information based on how old their data is. This information is available in both a widget and an exported report.


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