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New Fixes Introduced in Desktop App for Windows 3.14.10


Desktop App for Win 3.14.10  Release Date:  Apr 27, 2023

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed a co-edit error message which was being displayed, when saving office files in Desktop App
  • Fixed missing context menu option for Connected folders
  • Fixed syncing issues for .rf5 files
  • Fixed syncing issues for lock files created by ArcGIS or ClipRaster

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Co-Editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
  • If a user has an “ask” as a default co-editing setting, simultaneous opening of more than one MS Office document can result in an error.
  • When opening large Excel document in co-editing mode takes over 30 seconds, then the collaboration pop-up may appear for the second time.
  • Starting or joining a co-editing session in the newest Microsoft integration when there is no default integration selected on the domain level by doubleclick will result in opening a document in Microsoft Office desktop (previously the user was able to choose between Microsoft Office Desktop or Microsoft Office Online) .
  • For updates on Windows 11 support and known limitations, refer to this article.

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