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Cache Warming Status Info and Security Enhancements for SMB Mode for Smart Cache Ver 4.1.0


Product:  Smart Cache ver 4.1.0 Release Date: April 28, 2023 (Limited Availability)

New Security Enhancements Added for Network Share (SMB) Mode

Smart Cache now supports two new security flags that control signing and encryption of SMB end-to-end communication for the device which is configured in Network share or SMB mode (earlier called data collection mode). When the device is configured for SMB mode then the following items will appear on the Advanced Configuration page for IT administrator to select the options based on the kind of security enhancements desired. These options are only available during the setup of the Smart Cache and not available post installation.

  • Enable signing (security signature) and encryption for SMB

All network traffic between SMB applications/clients and Smart Cache will have both signed (security signature) and end-to-end encryption enabled for enhanced security.

  • Enable signing (security signature) for SMB

All network traffic data between SMB applications/clients and Smart Cache will be signed for enhanced security.

Enabling either of the features will have performance overhead on the smart cache as all the communication is now either signed and encrypted or only signed which will have additional computation and will most likely result in increased time (relatively compared to not enabling either of the options) for application file loading over SMB mode.

Below is the screenshot of the security enhancement options mentioned above during the installation time.


Cache Warming Status Information

We have added an additional device settings page for showing the cache warming status information after it is configured in the setup wizard and now it provides the complete progress status information.

Highlights of the cache warming status information are:

  • Overall cached files count
  • Overall cached size number (in GB)
  • Folders wise table showing below information,
    • Folder name 
    • File extension used
    • Folder level downloaded cache size
    • Folder level downloaded files count
    • Folder level status information with below states,
      • NOT STARTED - Download is yet to start.
      • COMPLETED - All files in that folder are downloaded to cache.
      • IN PROGRESS - Files download is in progress.
      • ERROR - some issue in download, please check logs for more information.
      • PARTIALLY COMPLETE - Downloaded only few files out of all files as cache hit the 5000 limit mark for this folder.


Issues Addressed

  • Fixed a bug related to certain applications handling of temporary files in Network share or SMB mode. 

Downloads (If Applicable)

Download Smart Cache

Smart Cache FAQs

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