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Secure & Govern (18.5) - Content Safeguards - Group-Based Exception Policies


Release Date: April 20, 2023 Secure & Govern 18.5 Release

Content Safeguards - Group-Based Exception Policies (Egnyte Sources Only)

Egnyte Secure & Govern now provides two different types of Content Safeguard Policies. These are Restriction Policies and Exception Policies. Content Safeguard Exception policies can be linked to existing Content Safeguard Restriction policies or configured as stand-alone policies. Currently, Exception policies can only be defined for link expiry settings. Administrators can configure the link expiry Exceptions, by user group, for existing Restriction and stand-alone Exception policies.

For more information on Content Safeguard Exception policies, see Content Safeguard Exception Policies

For more information on Content Safeguard Restriction policies, see Content Safeguard Restriction Policies


Content Safeguards - Link Expiry Support (Egnyte sources only)

Link expiry is now supported by Content Safeguards. When link expiry is enforced via a Content Safeguard “Block” policy, users can only create links with expiry duration up to the defined expiration in the policy.


Secure & Govern Notifications - Unsubscribe & Re-subscribe Controls

Users can now manage the email notifications they receive from Secure & Govern. Users can control subscribe and unsubscribe from specific notification within their account settings.


Suspicious Login - Identify Successful & Failed Logins

Issue reviewers can now easily distinguish between successful and failed login attempts for Suspicious Login detections. Failed login attempts will be indicated with ”unsuccessful” tags while successful login attempts will be indicated with “successful” tags.

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