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New Migration App Features: Speed Test and Windows Server 2022 Support


Migration App UI v1.21.0 / Agent v3.19.0  Release Date: 4/12/2023

Speed Test

We will be enabling this feature by request. This feature provides the Migration Operator with the ability to run a Speed Test for bandwidth from the host machine to the Egnyte.io API endpoint. This is a more accurate assessment of bandwidth than the generic speed test to Egnyte.

From the Migration Dashboard, in the context menu (three dots) for a connected Agent, Speed Test is offered as an option.


Clicking this triggers a speed test, which should take less than one minute to complete.


Results provide some information about the time it would take to upload a single file of various sizes, depending on how large the total data set is. Initially, this display offers 18 lines of results, varying from 1GB to 10GB total. The image below shows the first page of results. Using the scroll bar on the right, you can scroll down to view the other results.


This image shows all the results for three different dataset sizes.


On the Migration Details page, the Agent will display the results from the most recent speed test. A tooltip provides greater context.


The results of the most recent speed test are also displayed on the migration details page for all jobs associated with that Agent.


Since Speed Test is tied to the Agent rather than the job, this information is not included in Migration Reports.

Issues Addressed

Windows Server 2022 Support

Migration App now supports Windows Server 2022.

Additional Information and Resources

Migration App Speed Test


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