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Quick Search Filters on WebUI


Product: WebUI Release Date: March 22, 2023.

Quick Search Filters 

This release introduces the ability to save quick filters and then have those filters applied by default every time the user runs a search. The user-defined defaults are saved per user, and hence each user can have their own personalized search filters.

The quick filters are presented when the user clicks on the search bar.


The quick filters allow the user to choose the following:

  • Whether to search only in the current folder, or search in all folders
  • Whether to find items that contain any of the search words (OR), or items that contain all of the search words (AND)
  • Whether to search only in files, or only in folders, or both
  • Choose a time period to constrain the search

The user can change any of the quick filters and then click on the lock icon to save them as user-defined defaults.


The user can click on the lock icon again to delete user-defined defaults and get back to system defaults.

After saving any quick filters as user defaults, every time the user starts a new search the quick filters will automatically be set to their user-defined defaults. Users can still change the filters to any other value for ad-hoc searches, but the new values will not be saved as new defaults unless they click the lock icon to save them.

For more details on Quick Search Filters, see this helpdesk article.

Issues Addressed

Issue When Trying to Open Files/Folders in Firefox

An issue has been resolved when trying to open files/folders in Firefox.

Additional Information and Resources

The current release contains a few improvements to existing functionality.

  • Minor performance, stability and security improvements
  • Minor logging and UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

The changes will be available to all users by March 23, 2023.

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