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Usability and Stability Improvements with Smart Cache Ver 3.17


Product:  Smart Cache ver 3.17 Release Date: March 17th, 2023

Wizard Driven Configuration Setup Flow for Smart Cache Installation

With this release, there will be a new configuration setup wizard, which was earlier available in local web UI format (till previous releases), as a now organized revamped UI. The new wizard flow with stepper function provides all the required configuration steps that are necessary for the Smart Cache appliance are presented in a wizard fashion, which provides a functional overview for the customer admin to help in configuring it step by step without missing any step. The final page, the summary view, provides a holistic view of all Smart Cache configurations in one view, so that the customer admin can double check before he commits the configuration.

Setup wizard consists of three steps and a summary page as detailed below.

1. Access Rules

Provides two different ways of granting access permissions to Smart Cache device and below are the types of access rules:

  • Group membership
  • IP range

2. Policy Management

Configure Smart Cache with a predefined set of storage or persistence policies on the device.

3. Upgrades

Defining the maintenance window when should upgrade of Smart Cache be scheduled

4. Summary

Provides an overall summary of the setup configuration of all the above steps with high-level details and has an option to go back to any step in the wizard, if settings need to be re-modified.

This feature is currently under the feature flag and not available for customers directly.

Screenshot of the setup wizard feature:


Issues Addressed

  • Issue fixed related to access user group search while granting access permission to Smart Cache device where earlier search of any user group was showing not more than 30 groups in the drop-down list.
  • Fixed error related to creation of a new Microsoft Office file on the UNC drive mapped to Smart Cache scache folder path, in the data collection mode of Smart Cache.

Downloads (If Applicable)

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Smart Cache FAQs

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