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Secure & Govern 18.2 - Updated Navigation and Global Header


Release Date: March 13, 2023 Secure & Govern 18.2 Release

Updated Navigation Tab and Global Header

The new Secure & Govern dashboard is updated with a new navigation pane which is shifted to the left side. This is aligned with the architectural framework present on the ‘Collaborate’ platform to provide a more unified experience. It also adds more relevant menu items including the ‘Apps & Integrations’, ‘Settings’ and ‘Help’ on the navigation page which can be directly accessed by users providing better context while toggling between different views.  The new navigation tab provides clients with the ability to modify settings in the same page (as an extended view to the right) unlike redirecting to a separate page which significantly improves the user experience.


The Global Header now comprises the Application Switcher to the left, similar to the Collaborate design which provides the user the ability to quickly toggle between multiple applications.


For more detailed information on the WebUI modifications, see the Updated Navigation Flow and Global Header article.

Probable Ransomware Detection Improvements

Egnyte Secure & Govern has improved our detection process for artifact-based and behavioral-based Ransomware. The introduction of multiple file entropy checks will help improve our detection accuracy and reduce false positives.

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