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New Migration App Features: Permissions Simulation & Folder Picker


Migration App UI v1.18.0 / Agent v3.16.0  Release Date: 2/6/2023

Permission Simulation

This new feature allows the Migration Operator to conduct a Permission Migration Simulation prior to actually migrating permissions. This provides you with insights into any missing Users and Groups on Egnyte that need to be created before running the actual Permissions Migration command.

Prior to initiating either the Simulation or a Permissions Migration, all the expected Groups and Users must already exist on the Egnyte domain. 

From the Migration Job Actions menu, select Permissions Simulation.

This will initiate a three-step process.


  1. First, Migration App scans the source to identify NTFS permissions. 
  2. Next, it scans the destination domain to identify Users and Groups that have already been created.
  3. Finally, it compares the two to provide insights as to what might be missing


Depending on the number of permissions on either your source or destination, these scans can take some time to complete.

Once the command has completed, the results will be displayed on the Migration Details page. Additional information may be found on the Migration Job Report.

Folder Picker Available During Migration Creation

When creating a new migration job, the migration operator previously had to type in the destination folder path perfectly, or the migration creation would fail. This new feature offers a “file picker” through the UI for the folder selection on the destination.


For the Destination Folder Path, you can still type the path manually, starting with /Shared or /Private. But you also have the option to click Select to choose the folder from the directory.

Clicking Select brings up a new dialog box that presents the directory on the destination domain. Note that under Private, users can only see folders that they have write access to.


You may navigate down to any child folder level and select the folder you want to target. In the example below, the selected folder “data” appears in bold-face. Once the folder has been identified, click Select.


Now on the Create Job modal, the path you selected is displayed. You also have the option to append that path with another child folder name. If that folder does not exist, the migration job will create it. In the example below, we appended the path with “abc.” So this folder will be created as part of the migration job.

When you have the path you want, click Create Migration Job.


Issues Addressed

Removed All Windows 2008 Flavors from Supported OS List

Because Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2008 OS versions, the Migration App Agent can no longer be installed on a Windows host running any of the 2008 versions:

  • "Windows Server 2008"
  • "Windows Server 2008 R2"
  • "Windows Storage Server 2008"

Handle 'u007F' While On-The-Fly-Rename

Previously, a known limitation was that ‘u007F’ was not recognized during on-the-fly sanitization. This has been remedied with this release.

Additional Information and Resources

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