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eTMF Viewer in eTMF v3.0


Release Date: February 03, 2023

We are excited to announce the third release of the Egnyte eTMF app.  In this release (v.3.0), we are introducing an eTMF Viewer which allows the user to preview, filter and search documents uploaded at all filing levels of their studies all from the Study Dashboard.  

Document Preview 

A “Viewer” function is added to the Study Dashboard.  Users now can navigate to any artifact, find an uploaded document and preview the content and metadata of that document:


Clicking on the document will bring up a preview screen that displays the first page of the document as well as its metadata:



Filter and Search Artifacts and Documents 

In this release, we are introducing a number of filters for users to quickly find the desired artifacts or documents.  Users can now filter artifacts by:

  • Filing level
  • Zone
  • (artifact) Name
  • Updated On (date)
  • Updated By (user) 
  • (artifact) Version


Users can also search for a particular documents by document name:



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